Headshot of Alex smiling outside while wearing a dress shirt and tie.

Alex Lamson

Hi, I'm a software engineer at L3Harris KEO. I graduated with my Master's in Computer Science at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

In my spare time I like reading manga, rollerblading and 3D modeling/printing. I'm also interested in quantified self, and do self-tracking experiments as a hobby.



A handheld phone displays the word 'Microphone' with the words 'engineering lab 304' underneath.
Location from sound
App that determines your location from the ambient audio of the room. Final project for CS328.

Collaboration with Chris Raff and Eben Sherwood

The smart glasses on a white background.
Classify facial expressions and pain using EOG and IMU data from smart glasses. Research project.

Collaboration with Soha Rostaminia et al.

An out-of-place floret of broccoli sits on a car dashboard.
Context Free Network
Exploration in the effects of context on image classification with neural networks. Final project for CS682.

Collaboration with Chris Raff

Pills spilling from a bottle into a hand.
Recognize pill intake gestures with inertial sensors on a smart watch to monitor medication adherence. Research project.

Collaboration with Jeremy Gummeson, Chris Raff et al.

Several hundred glowing LEDs form a one foot tall cube on a table.
LED Cube
83 RGB neopixel lattice built from scratch. Final project for CS290.

Collaboration with Chris Raff

Smart Skates
Track your skating activity and look cool at the same time. Final project for CS390.

Collaboration with Chris Raff

Pong game shows a paddle and ball, with the score and high score at the top.
Tilt Pong
One player pong. If you're on a phone, you can play it by tilting the device. Made for fun.
Library written in Scala as a wrapper around Image.java. Made for fun.
A credit-card sized computer is plugged into a small round speaker.
Raspberry Pi Greeter
Python script that greets you when you arrive to your room. Uses bluetooth to detect a registered phone, then uses text-to-speech to greet you aloud. Made for fun.
A 3D render of a pumpkin.
Windows Mac Linux
A first person shooter, but with bombs instead of guns. And the bombs are fruit. Made for CS590G.

Collaboration with Chris Raff

The words 'hey world' glow on a long acrylic rectangle under a computer monitor.
Big Matrix
A 64x8 neopixel display controlled by python scripts. I use it to display reminders and to leave messages. Made for fun.
3D art thumbnail samples from my instagram account
My Instagram Page
My instagram account where I post my 3D artwork (and potentially other visual art). Made for fun.