Alex Lamson

Hi, I'm a first year Computer Science grad student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.


LED Cube
8x8x8 RGB neopixel lattice. Made for CS290.

Made in collaboration with Chris Raff

Smart Skates
Track your skating activity and look cool at the same time. Made for CS390.

Made in collaboration with Chris Raff

Anime Image Metadata Dataset
Dataset containing descriptive tags for millions of anime images.
Whistling visualization
Use the microphone to record and playback whistling.
Library written in Scala as a wrapper around
Tilt Pong
One player pong. If you're on a phone, you can play it by tilting the device.
Data Wrangler
Package for Sublime Text for quick and dirty analysis of data and text.
Context Free Network
Exploration in the effects of context on image classification with neural networks. Made for CS682.

Made in collaboration with Chris Raff

Location from sound
Made an app that determines your location from the ambient audio of the room. Made for CS328.

Made in collaboration with Chris Raff and Eben Sherwood

Subreddit Predictor
Created machine learning model to predict what subreddit a text post came from. Achieved 66% accuracy over 10 classes. Made for CS585.

Made in collaboration with Hari Hara Subramanian Krishnamoorthy

Rasberry Pi Greeter
Program that greets you when you arrive to your room. Uses bluetooth to detect a registered phone, then uses text-to-speech to greet you aloud.